The composer was first impressed by the music of Henry Purcell, having first sung many of his pieces as a choral scholar at Rochester. Nevertheless there seems to be very few instances of any influence of the earlier composer in Alun’s Work. The greatest and earlier influence is by far Shostakovich and to a lesser extent Prokofiev. The orchestra and chamber pieces are full of similarities to these composers. Despite spending many hours learning and playing piano pieces of Debussy, only “Prelude no 3” op 32 shows any influence of Debussy. Later on Alun took an interest in the work of Tippett and the contrapuntal textures and intellectual feel of many of the works come from this composer. There are many instances of modal passage in the music, especially in the choral music, which shows some influence of Ralph Vaughan Williams. Other composers of interest are William Mathias, Alun Hoddinott, Robert Simpson, Malcolm Arnold, Phillip Glass and Havergal Brian. Alun’s interest in music is not restricted to the classical world. Among the CD collection are albums by Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Heaven 17 and pride of place goes to the Pet Shop Boys. Certainly their quick change and colourful chord progressionshave similarities in many passages in Alun’s work.