Last September (2012) Alun began work on a string quartet which will be in the four traditional movements and last between 15 and 20 minutes. Work on this piece has been halted for the moment while he composes a cantata for the local chamber choir Thames Voyces. After which he will return to complete the final movement of the string quartet..

The cantata uses a translation of an ode by the Latin poet, Horace, (Odes book 3 number 30), with quotes in Latin from the requiem service, the psalms and the New Testament. The piece lasts about 20 minutes over three short movements with solos for soprano, alto and bass. The main forces used are SATB choir and organ. Its title being "Immortality."

In the early 1990's Alun set this poem for organ and SATB choir but was unhappy with the result and subsequently binned the piece. This second version is twice the length and is more expansive with more lyrics etc.... the first performance is planned for 16th November 2013.



21st September 2013. "Prelude no 4" op 85 by the composer. St Michael's Pastoral centre. Sandhurst, Berkshire.

16th November 2013. "Immortality" op 84. Thames Voyces. St John the Baptist Church, Crowthorne, Berkshire. A cantata for SAB soloists, SATB choir and organ using texts from the Bible, the Requiem service and from the Roman writers Horace and Vergil. The main text being the 30th Ode of Horace from his third book of odes.


21st December 2012 "I sing of a maiden." op 69. Round Table singers. Wellington College Chapel.

6th October 2012. Scherzo op 82: LCCO in Borough, London.

22nd July 2012. "O perfect Love" op 65. The Church choir, St Bartholomew's Church, Otford, Kent

23rd March 2012. Dark eyes op 39. The Round Table Singers. South Hill park, Bracknell.

19th November 2011. Prelude no 1 op 12 and Sinfonia suite 4. The Composer. Southsea

11th September 2011. Choral prelude on "Aberystwyth" op 61. Kevin Grafton. Soll, Austria.