During the lock down due to the Corona Virus, time has been spent revising and producing new editions of old work. An early sonata for ‘cello and piano is presently being revised.   "Chasing Dreams" the first trio for clarinet, viola and piano has undergone major revision to its middle movements and also has been shortened by a couple of minutes.

The second trio for clarinet, violin and 'cello has been computer set again clearing up any mistakes in the first edition.

Also completed are new editions of the three versions of "The Owl and the Pussycat" for SSA or SATB or S, all three with the same piano accompaniment.

A companion slow movement for ".........with immortal fire," called “Translated Daughter” has now being composed and a third and final movement to complete this three movement chamber symphony is in the pipe line.

Future Performances


"..and the angels sing......." . op90

St Michael's Church, Sandhurst, Berkshire.

The Sonore String quartet, Nick Cunnock (percussion), Jane Palmer (organ), Kevin Grafton (Bass solo) and the Church choir.

This cantata was commissioned by the church of St Michael and all angels for 800th year celebration. It will form the second part of a celebratory concert which will follow the course of sacred music from the 9th to the 21st centuries. The cantata on the subject of Saint Michael is in nine movements using texts ranging from Alcuin of York, the Bible and John Milton.



"Spring of Bandusia" op 40.

1901 Arts Club. Waterloo, London.

Peter Cigleris (clarinet) and Neil Crossland (piano)

"Spring of Bandusia" was inspired by Ode 13 in the third Book of Odes by Quintus Horatius Flaccus,the first century Roman poet. It describes a spring whose crystal waters offered praise withgarlands and wine, but which will also be stained by the sacrifice of a kid. Even in hot summer,the spring never runs dry and refreshes all the animals that drink from it. At the end of the ode Horatius predicts that his poem will make the spring famous. Alun's music recreates the bubbling stream, the cool waters, the sadness of the staining but ends on a positive note , bringing fame to one small spring.

Recent Performances

8th March 2020 "Praeludium (5) in tempore belli" op 65b.

15th December 2019 "Alleluia. A new work is come on hand." op 82

29th September 2019. "A Prayer for for St Michael the Archangel." op 90b

29th September 2019. "The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel." op 90a

28th September 2019 "Saharan Danse" op 89

27th January 2019 "Noel" op 81.

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