The final months of 2020 have finally seen the completion  Symphony "St Cecilia" op 87 for chamber orchestra with a duration of 15 minutes. Each movement has a quote from "An Anthem for St Cecilia's day" by W.H Auden above the page. The text was set by Benjamin Britten in his "A Hymn to St Cecilia". This short orchestral work was composed  in reverse with the final and third movement receiving its first performance back in 2018. It is scored for one each of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, a string quintet and two percussionists. 

Also written was a short "scherzo" for string quartet titled "tumultus", the Latin word meaning confusion, commotion and also mental disturbance.  This short work lasts five minutes  and could be described as a fair revelation on what has been a difficult year for us all. 

Finally a new edition of "The Latin Carols" op 67 has been produced. It is a small collection of three carols in Latin "qui creavit" the first carol is scored for two soprano parts with piano/organ accompaniment. "quem pastores" the second is scored for two soprano parts with tambourine and piano/organ accompaniment.  The third "dormi Iesu" is scored for two soprano parts unaccompanied. "qui creavit" received its first performance in 2006 by the Questors Choir in Ealing, London.

The new year 2021 will see an arrangement of  "..... and the angels sing....."   op 90  being produced for performance in  June 2021. This will be a reduced version for bass solo, choir and organ of movements one,  five to nine. This will allow for a performance  of half the piece to go ahead which will comply with current Covid 19 restrictions.  

 Future Performances

26th June 2021


"..and the angels sing......." . op90 (extracts. to comply with covid 19 restrictions, movements one, five to  nine)

St Michael's Church, Sandhurst, Berkshire.​  Jane Palmer (organ), Kevin Grafton (Bass solo) and the Church choir.

This cantata was commissioned by the church of St Michael and all angels for 800th year celebration. It will form the a part of a celebratory concert which will follow the course of sacred music from the 9th to the 21st centuries. The cantata on the subject of Saint Michael is in nine movements using texts ranging from Alcuin of York, the Bible and John Milton.

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Recent Performances

27th September 2020. "The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel." op 90a

8th March 2020 "Praeludium (5) in tempore belli" op 65b.

15th December 2019 "Alleluia. A new work is come on hand." op 82

29th September 2019. "A Prayer for for St Michael the Archangel." op 90b

29th September 2019. "The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel." op 90a

28th September 2019 "Saharan Danse" op 89

27th January 2019 "Noel" op 81.

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