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Throughout the  Covid pandemic performances have not been happening, though this is not to say plans have not been laid for future ones.  September 2021 with see parts of  "......and the angels sing....." (op 90)  performed liturgically as part of the patronal evensong of St Michael's Church, Sandhurst, who commissioned the work.   Basically half the piece will be performed in a version for SATB choir and organ. A full performance of the piece with string quartet and percussionist is planned for 11th June 2022 in Sandhurst,  Berkshire. 

Over the summer months new editions of the following  short works have been produced,

" Jesu, who this our Lententide " (op 23) An anthem for SATB and organ suitable for Lent or Passiontide.

" Praeludium 6 "  (op 69)  A piece for chamber orchestra. 

" Save us O lord, waking " (op 80) An anthem for unaccompanied SATB choir suitable for evensong or compline. 

" The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel" (op 90a) The responsorial psalm from the cantata "........ and the angels sing................." op 90 for congregation, SATB choir and organ suitable for Michaelmas. 

"Praeludiun 3" (op 59) also for chamber orchestra.

Score extracts are available for all the above mentioned pieces under the composition menu. 

 Future Performances

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  1. 26th November 2021


  3. St Mary-at-Hill, Lovat lane, Eastcheap, London. 19.30

  4. "Spring of Bandusia" op 40

  5. Peter Cigleris (clarinet) and Neil Crossland (piano)

  6. "Spring of Bandusia" was inspired by Ode 13 in the third Book of Odes by Quintus Horatius Flaccus,the first century Roman poet. It describes a spring whose crystal waters offered praise withgarlands and wine, but which will also be stained by the sacrifice of a kid. Even in hot summer,the spring never runs dry and refreshes all the animals that drink from it. At the end of the ode Horatius predicts that his poem will make the spring famous. Alun's music recreates the bubbling stream, the cool waters, the sadness of the staining but ends on a positive note , bringing fame to one small spring.

Recent Performances

26th September 2021. Extracts from ".......and the angels sing........."  op 90


27th September 2020. "The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel." op 90a

8th March 2020 "Praeludium (5) in tempore belli" op 65b.

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