Over the past six months Alun has been busy revising and producing new editions of his music. It is  a mammoth task and only about half have been completed. It has been quite therapeutic revising, editing  and making the scores look more professional. The aim has been to produce all compositions in a set format within their particular genres, choral, orchestra, chamber etc... It will certainly be another six months of so before that task is complete. 

Next to be composed with be the third and final movement for the chamber symphony. Two movements, "....with immortal fire......." and "Translated Daughter have already been completed.  the whole symphony should only last 15 minutes and is for one each of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, a string quintet and two percussionists. 

With lock down restrictions lifting and some music being performed, hopefully it will not be too long before choirs start singing again and instrumentalists play again. Nevertheless it could be quite a while before any performances take place.  

Recent Performances

27th September 2020. "The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel." op 90a

8th March 2020 "Praeludium (5) in tempore belli" op 65b.

15th December 2019 "Alleluia. A new work is come on hand." op 82

29th September 2019. "A Prayer for for St Michael the Archangel." op 90b

29th September 2019. "The Akathist to St Michael the Archangel." op 90a

28th September 2019 "Saharan Danse" op 89

27th January 2019 "Noel" op 81.

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